Mike Walker

Web Development

Recent Work

Hi, I'm Mike

I’m a freelance web developer working with clients around the globe. I build custom websites and web applications.

For sites that deliver content or sell products, I work with WordPress and Shopify. For data-intensive or real-time applications, I work with Node.js to build progressive web applications.

To discuss a project or to learn more about my work, please get in touch.

Mike Walker

What I do


Modern code

I build websites using the power of modern web technologies. My sites are made for stability, security, and performance on any device.


Accessibility and SEO

I believe the web should be accessible to everyone. I'm an expert in technical SEO. I build dynamic, structured content that can be easily used, searched, and shared.


Interactive design

I'm not a graphic artist; my deliverable is code. I work with designers to create their vision as a seamless experience on the web.